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Join Kerala Club to raise 50,000 dollars to help affected areas directly and immediately.

The Kerala Club of Detroit, Michigan is conducting a fundraiser with a goal of collecting $50,000 to the victims of the Kerala Floods. The Kerala Club of Detroit will match 20% (upto $10,000) as part of this fundraiser. Matching funds will be coming from the proceeds of the Musical Show that was conducted by Kerala Club earlier this year.

The Kerala Club will be working with affected district authorities across the state to distribute the funds.

The 2018 catastrophic floods is a result of unusually severe Southwest monsoon that lashed the state for several days. As of Aug 17, 2018, 327 people have been killed and around 80,000 displaced according to Indian officials due heavy monsoons, landslides and overflowing reservoirs. Over 314,000 people, including women, toddlers and senior citizens have been lodged in various relief camps across 14 districts in the state.

Kerala is called God's Own Country for its natural landscape and pristine scenery. Today Kerala requires all the help it can get to overcome this devastating floods considered the worst in 100 years.

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MI India Foundation and MiBihar is partnering with us in the fund raiser and have committed their help.

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The Kerala Club has been forefront in helping those in need. In past we have done fundraising for the following events:
  • 2001 - Gujrat, India - Gujrat Earth Quake Relief
  • 2004 - Kerala, India - Tsunami Relief
  • 2010 - Haiti - Haiti Earth Quake Relief
  • 2015 - Chennai, India - Chennai Flood Relief

Kerala Clubs Projects

The Kerala Club's goal is to help those affected by disaster directly and immediately. We are working with NGO's and local contacts to help those in need. Listed below are all the projects we have done as part of the relief effort. Click through each of them for more detail of the effort.

The Kerala Club of Detroit and its members currently in Kerala partnered with the NGO - Rotary Club to hand over the most essential clothes items that were requested by the NGO for the flood victims currently residing in the relief camps in the east Kottayam district - ravaged by the flood waters from rain and the outflow from the dams and reservoirs.

Rotary Club members and the flood victims wanted to convey their sincere thanks to all the generous contributors to the Kerala-Floods-Relief-Fundraiser without which such help would not have been possible on a short notice.

The Kerala Club of Detroit, Michigan donated 1000 beds to the inhabitants at Kanjikkode Apna Ghar relief camp at a function held in Palakkad in the presence of Sri. D. Balamurali IAS (District Collector, Palakkad) and Krishnakumar (Deputy Chairman,Palakkad Muncipality). This will cover the bedding need for all the people at this relief camp site. Mr.Subash Ramachandran, ex-president of the Kerala club along with Sujith Menon handled the logistics from our end. The Kerala Club worked with VISWAS, an NGO in Palakkad to coordinate these efforts.

Apna Ghar is originally a state-of-the-art facility for migrant workers which is yet to be inaugurated and occupied. This was converted to a relief camp due to the urgent flood situation. Apna ghar facility has 64 big rooms and there are 610 people in this relief camp. Most of the occupants in this relief camp are from various flood affected areas of Palakkad like Kalpathy, Sekharipuram, Olavakkode, Kadukkam Kunnu and Shankhu Varathodu.
Chingavanam School is serving as makeshift emergency relief camps for Lakshmi Veedu Colony members. Kurichi is another relief camps serving the needs of people affected in Kottayam.

Based on the relief camp help request, members of Kerala Club worked with the relief camp coordinators and School Principal to urgently needed essential clothes. Most of the relief camp residents have lost all their basic clothing.
Lions Club Thodupuzha members in partnership with Kerala Club of Detroit along with the National Service Society unit volunteers of 93 students and 7 staff member from Santhigiri College Vazhithala were mobilized to perform the cleanup activities of the remote tribal village homes. Kerala Club sponsored the food, rent for all materials used for cleaning and transportation of the volunteers.

As you can see from the videos, transporting such a large number of volunteers through unpaved and treacherous flood damaged roads of Poomala to Padinjaremethotti was a challenging undertaking. The volunteers had to go on foot to reach the actual locations in the end. This project not only provides the satisfaction of helping the flood affected tribal villages but also the happiness of being able to get the younger generation students involved in the community responsibility and volunteering.
Kerala Club is working directly with those suffering in Kuttanad area to provide clothes and other supplies directly to those suffering.
Former President of Kerala Club of Detroit Jain Mathews along with group of youth volunteers went to the Kallara Panchayath in the Mundar area of Kottayam District with the cleaning kit for homes. The youth volunteers along with KC members cleaned the houses of the villagers and helped them get back to normal life from the flood affected houses.
In association with Farmers Club of Neyyassery, we are coordinating efforts to provide food and other necessary items to those in need.
ORS - Oral rehydration system is a type of fluid replacement used to prevent and treat dehydration, especially due to diarrhea. With the possibility of water borne diseases spreading, the need for these systems are at utmost importance to the these places. A NGO van from Bangalore transported these ORS to Wayanad District Drug Warehouse with the help of volunteers from Bangalore. Kerala Club flood relief funds accounted for in purchasing 6800 units of the ORS to the warehouse . The ORS was purchased at discounted price in Bangalore. The ORS was delivered to the wayanad district govt drug warehouse in Kalpetta for distribution throughout the rest of the hospitals. There was shortage of ORS in Wayanad. The store manager was surprised that the price we got for ORS was so less. He also mentioned that this ORS is of very good quality, which makes it easy for kids to consume. The standard ORS they distribute is flavorless. The MSRP of each quantity of ORS was purchased at ? the price and there by the number of contributions increased 5 times than what it would have normally.
Working with local resources in Aluva area, we are working to provide food and medicines in various camps.
Working with members of REC Alumni Association in Ernakulam, we working to provide medicines in various camps. Alumni Association on behalf of KC will procure the medicines and work with govt officials to provide them to those that are needed.
Kozhikode District Co-Operative Hosipital (KDCH) is a well known hospital in Calicut serving the needs of middle and low income people. KDCH in partnershhip with Kerala Club of Detroit conducted 10 medical camps in flood affected areas of Kozhikode (calicut namely Atholi and permbra Taluks. The hospital staffs adn doctors handed over free medicines to the flood victims taking into consideration the epidemic onset of water borne and communicable disesaes in the area. KDCH staff and doctors are very grateful to Kerala Club of Detroit and its members for this kind gesture in ensuring the financial contribution reached them in a timely manner. Dr. A.C. Vijyashankar handed over the check from Kerala Club of Detroit to the priesident of DCH Mr. M. Bhaskaran to kick off th camp.
Around 7000 people from Kuttanad have been moved to relief camps in Alappuzha .Most of the people needed the basic clothing. On August 23 ,Relief supplies -Lungi , Nighties , undergarments , soap ,brush ,Mats were supplied to the affected people with help of volunteers from Charankattu foundation to two relief camps - Kalavoor BHS which hosts 850 people and Ullala Omkareshwara temple which hosts 750 people.
ADORA - Agency of Development Operations in Rural Areas in partnership with Kerala Club of Detroit is helping the flood affected victims in the remote and rural areas of Wayanad and Kozhikode districts in Kerala. As part of this effort, the two organizations partnered in helping provide 25 families with beds; the villagers lost everything in their household including place to sleep during the floods. Along with this effort the two organizations are helping young children (40 families) with school bags as they get back to school and start their work. Lot of the kids being helped have lost all their books, school bags and other study materials. The Government of Kerala is helping with the books and other study materials.
Working with local contacts in Trissur district, The Kerala Club is working to provide supplies for the needy in Annamanada and Poovathussery area.
A project to distribute beds to flood-affected people in Aluva and surrounding area, especially Kadungallore panchayat was conducted in partnership with Red Cross - Ernakulam district. A total of 70 families were provided help as part of this effort; each family received one bed supplied by Kerala Club and one pillow supplied by Red Cross. The distribution was done using the vehicle of the Pain and Palliative outfit of the Red Cross. Most of the beneficiaries were sick or disabled people identified by Red Cross. We persuaded the bed manufacturer to supply 70 beds instead of the agreed 65 taking into consideration the humanitarian need.
Kumarakom Panchayat Member along with the doctors from Vellore Christian Medical College are conducting a Medical Camp on Sunday, the 16th of September at the Kari Colony and along with that camp, Kerala Club will be distributing essential materials to the 132 flood affected families of that colony.
Working with Govt Moyan Lower Primary School and Vishwas organization in Pallakkad, we are supplying Alirmarahas (Cabinets) to kids families.
Residents of Vydanathapuram village, Pallakkad on the banks of a river have lost everything in their house. Kerala Club is providing kitchen utensils and supplies to those affected try to rebuild their lives.

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