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The Kerala Club

Mission Statement:

http://bathampton.org/692mb8c The Kerala Club is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization. Our mission is to practice and promote the Indian heritage in South East Michigan. 




Tramadol Illegal Order Online https://www.los-angeles-appliancerepair.com/uncategorized/shon1ch2.html The Kerala Club represents Malayali community from South-India and has a strong membership root of 900 families. The members of this club are productive contributors to the local economy and come from all walks of life.


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https://darrylscornerbarboston.com/2020/09/27/18ewsg3y Every year we conduct the following three main events:

  • Picnic – Usually held on a Saturday in Mid July, during which we have cook-outs and have games for our children and adults.
  • Onam – This is our highlight event of the year, we start off with the traditional Onam Sadya. The delicious food is prepared by our members and is a big hit. After the sadya we host our cultural program where we showcase our local talent.
  • Christmas – During this event we conduct our general election for our office bearers for the following year. We also have a traditional Kerala Christmas dinner and a cultural program that showcases mostly our talented children.
  • We also are planning to setup scholarships for needy students in Kerala. https://newsyaps.com/59efid4 To give back to the community and our adopted country we intend to participate in local soup kitchens and other local charities. https://leksandstars.com/nmdg5bov0 We are also planning to conduct classes in Malayalam for our children.

By Law:

Click the below link to view The Kerala Club By-Law:

Become a Member

To become a member Send your Name, Address and E-mail information to 


Please send any correspondences to:

The Kerala Club

2850 Parent Avenue,

https://lastcallattheoasis.com/1ym6edk3 Warren, MI-48092

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