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Kerala Youth Club Launches

Youth Leadership forum (Kc-ylf)


Tramadol Cheapest Online http://www.fitnessplaza.com/73smjuw Enable our club’s youth to become self-driven and self-led leaders to support the overall mission.

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Create opportunities for our youth to become effective communicators and collaborative  leaders,  improve their life skills, & positively impact the community.

  • Formation journey started on May 2019
  • 2020 – Decide and operationalize the YLF governance model & Initiative road-map
  • Coordinators & Participants

Our Journey to KC-YLF......

Communication, Leadership & Governance

https://lastcallattheoasis.com/xawxbckq6v7 8 weeks program this summer to fine tune communication, public speaking, handling feedback, leadership style & Decision Making

Project Management

Entrepreneurship Awareness

Emerging Governance model

Workshop & Panel discussions

Follow Up discussion

Tramadol Prescription Online Office of Presidency (OOP) [Stg. & Succession]

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  • Past President
  • President
  • President Elect
  • One VP or Chair each [Admin, Finance, Sponsorship, Communications, Projects.,]
  • The VPs and the members of the OOP will have one vote each for decisions

YLF Advisory Members

  • Totally one vote
  • 1 to 2 adults
  • 1 to 2 College students who have been in YLF
  • Each VP will have a team of 2 to 5 in their area depending on the responsibilities
  • Terms must be discussed oInitiatives roadmap must be discussed further
  • Targeting March to present to BOT & EC a final draft

Latest YLF Updates

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